It was a beautiful Autumn day in my part of the UK yesterday. The sky was so blue, the sun was shining, the temperature was perfect for a nice Autumn walk. Eddie was busy doing other things, so I decided to make the most of some fine weather and just enjoy the neighbourhood. Others were doing the same, but we all observed our social distancing and it was nice to nod, smile say hello etc. to fellow walkers.

There were lots of fallen leaves, a lovely mix of colours

some bushes were heavy with red berries

I wondered if I may see a robin (I did)

as I turned for home, I hoped Eddie may have put the kettle on

 he had, so with a nice cup of tea, I sat and read for a while

Based on a true story, The Matchgirl is a riveting and heart-warming saga.

“Sixteen-year-old Lottie Perkins has an important decision to make…
Conditions at the match factory she works at are dire. The girls get treated badly by the management and there is a severe risk to their health. But then a young journalist, Annie Besant, begins asking questions. Will Lottie and the other girls welcome her help, even when it could cost them their jobs – and their livelihoods…?”

My thoughts then turned to dinner, how about chicken drumsticks?

What a very pleasant hour or two …

I wonder which book you may be reading at present?

Wishing you a lovely day

All the best Jan

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