The History Of Mince Pies

A mince pie is a fruit-based mincemeat sweet pie of British origin that is traditionally served during the Christmas season. Its ingredients are traceable to the 13th century, when returning European crusaders brought with them Middle Eastern recipes containing meats, fruits and spices.

Mince Pies, like Christmas Puddings, were originally filled with meat, such as lamb, rather than the dried fruits and spices mix as they are today. They were also first made in an oval shape to represent the manger that Jesus slept in as a baby, with the top representing his swaddling clothes. Sometimes they even had a ‘pastry baby Jesus’ on the top!

During the Stuart and Georgian times, in the UK, mince pies were a status symbol at Christmas. Very rich people liked to show off at their Christmas parties by having pies made in different shapes (like stars, crescents, hearts, tears, and flowers); the fancy shaped pies could often fit together a bit like a jigsaw! They also looked like the ‘knot gardens’ that were popular during those periods. Having pies like this meant you were rich and could afford to employ the best, and most expensive, pastry cooks.

Now they are normally made in a round shape and are eaten hot or cold. Many like to eat them hot with some ice cream, although having them with double (heavy) cream can be nice!

A custom from the middle ages says that if you eat a mince pie on every day from Christmas to Twelfth Night (evening of the 5th January) you will have happiness for the next twelve months!

On Christmas Eve, children in the UK often leave out mince pies with brandy or some similar drink for Father Christmas, and a carrot for the reindeer.

Now here is a variety of Mince Pie Recipe Suggestions

Easy Mince Pie Recipe, see here BUT 30 carbs per pie (not low carb)

Low Carb Mince Pies at The Low Carb Kitchen see here JUST 4 carbs per pie

Mince Pies, Made The Low Carb Way from a popular 2016 post see here 4 carbs per pie

Low Carb Mince Pie Anyone, a recipe suggestion from 2015 see here

Of course you may have your own favourite recipe, or perhaps be someone who doesn’t like mince pies! If you do not like mince pies you may like a cupcake with orange frosting, more details on this post here

Dear reader, this blog offers a wide variety of recipe/food ideas, not all may be suitable for YOU. If you may have any food likes / dislikes, allergies, or underlying health issues these must always be taken into account. If you are a diabetic and not sure how certain foods may affect your blood sugars, test is best, i.e. use your meter.

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