Hi Jan, It is early Saturday morning, still dark and 33 degrees outside here in Seattle. My usual morning routine is underway with my first cup of dark brew coffee and a look at the World Wide Web. Today, I decided to start by taking a look at some of my favorite blogs. What a delightful find here at The Low Carb Diabetic. The sausage and pumpkin casserole looks delicious. This would be perfect for my dinner tonight! πŸ™‚ The cool weather is definitely here. My challenge will be to see if I can find a small pumpkin at the grocery. A month or so ago they had pumpkins in abundance but I don’t recall seeing any yesterday. Anyway, thank you for sharing yet another excellent post. Have a fine weekend and do take good care of yourself. Stay safe. Best regards from Seattle. John

…this should warm you up!

That looks SO delicious Jan. I love the combination of pumpkin and sage!

Hi Jan, it looks delicious.
Take care and be well
A big hug

Ooo, that is a lovely casserole. Thank you for the recipe.
Sausage and squash go on the shopping list

This dish look so nice! Must be a delicious combination! Thanks for sharing!
Enjoy the season, Jan!

I grow my own sage, but I’ll pass on the sausage, even though it looks quite yummy.


The casserole looks delicious, I have never added pumpkin to a casserole, I do love pumpkin and sage. Thanks for sharing! Have a happy weekend!

Casseroles are a go to in our cooler months. The casserole pots have been put away for a while now though.

A comforting meal perfect for this time of year.

This sounds lovely I must try it.

I love soups, salads, and casseroles. You can toss in almost anything and they taste good. Your picture is making my mouth water.

Yum, that looks delicious, I could just eat that now.

That sounds and looks delicious. A wonderful combination.

Thank you for this recipe! I can make it with ingredients I already have in the house. I will try it on Sunday as it supposed to snow and we will enjoy eating something different and yummy and comforting. πŸ’–

well i love sausage never thought of putting it with pumpkin but it sounds good.

I’m always learning about new foods from you..Swede?? I’ll have to look that one up..Looks delicious!!

This actually looks good to me, so I copied your recipe to see what I can do with it. I do love a good soup.

Ohhh that just looks so good. I think this could be made with sweet potato too. That is what I have on hand. LOL

The sausage and pumpkin would be good. I’ve never tried that but have with squash, which is a hit — and pumpkin IS a squash! Yum!

This sounds like real comfort food! Valerie

This sounds delicious Jan! Love sage and this is such a comforting dish!

That looks and sounds so good!

Wow… Pumpkin. Wifey will be over the moon as she is crazy about creating anything and everything with pumpkin (even pumpkin bread)

Definitely a wonderful winter dish ~ yum!

Live each moment with love,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Looks nice and colorful and delicious too.

Se ve muy buena. Un beso.

This is really one of the best servings in a winter season. The good smell and happy steam from your pot is fascinating me.

Ooh this sounds delicious, you can’t beat sausages for good old fashioned comfort food x

Sure looks delicious and food with a seasonal touch β˜•

As an old Swede, I love that you called the rutabaga by it’s American colloquial name, swede. I love your blog and since I have type 1 diabetes, it will be very helpful to me. But as long as this pandemic goes on and I don’t visit stores, just get Walmart pickup twice a a month, using all the great things here that require more than a few common ingredients, may have to wait. But I will keep reading, I enjoy it so very much. Thanks for doing this, it is a great service.

Looks delicious. I have to prepare such a dish.

This sounds so good. I’ve never used pumpkin in anything savory except bread before! nice!

YUM! I can smell the sage. Love the aroma and these combinations together sound so delightful. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

How lovely and easy to veganise.xxx

I am very allergic to sage, but I will eat all the rest! LOL!

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