Like many other Families, and Grandparents, Covid 19 has kept us apart. Yes, we have been fortunate to be able to use the internet to keep in touch, to enjoy and share each others news to laugh and smile together on screen. Virtual hugs and kisses are good but they are not the same as the real thing. We wonder when we will be able to meet up again? Will it be sometime this year, or may we have to wait until next year? Time will tell … In the meantime we are thankful for photographs and the internet.

Homework time for Grandson,
busy making a Saxon shield.
History and Design Technology Lessons merge
Dad was on hand to help with some of the tools used

I’ll play you a tune on my recorder Grandma
Grand-daughter looking good in her Children In Need top
the charity raised over £37 million this year

The best things in life

are the people we love,
the places we’ve been,
and the memories we’ve made 
along the way.
(even if these memories are from photographs and via the internet)

All the best Jan

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