The breathtakingly beautiful area of Langdale, in the UK’s Lake District.

It runs west of Ambleside up to the Langdale Pikes. Pike is a local term for peak.

It splits into two valleys, Great Langdale and Little Langdale (image from google)

As we welcome January, the first month of the year, let’s share some fun facts about this month. There are in fact many, but I thought as January has seven letters why not share seven fun facts!

So here we go …

1. January is considered the second month of the winter season and the coldest month in the Northern Hemisphere.

2. The name of January month was named after God Janus known as God of new beginnings. It is known that God Janus had two heads through which he could watch in both directions, back to the old year and front towards the new year.

3. More divorce happens in the month of January than in any other month in United Kingdom!
4. The traditional January birth flowers are the carnation and the snowdrop.

5. January is also known as “wolf month” by the Saxons because wolves come into towns for food in this month.

6. Garnet is the birth stone of this month which represents constancy.

7. January’s zodiac signs are Capricorn [until January 19] and Aquarius [January 20 onwards].

These facts and more from here

traditional January birth flowers

As I have shared seven fun facts here are seven recipe suggestions you may like to try…

Tuscan-style winter vegetable soup, pictured below, – see here

Red Lentil Soup with Lemon Yogurt – see here

Provençal Chicken – see here
Pork and Chickpea Stew – see here

Watermelon Pizza – see here
Triple Berry Salad – see here
Low Carb (Mug) Cakes – see here

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All the best Jan

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